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Monday, February 12, 2018

KNS February 2018 Newsletter and our Term 2 Extracurricular Activities Schedule


                       Kilcoskan NS Parents’ Newsletter – February 2018                                                                                                                                                    12th February 2018
Dear Parents,
This month’s KNS news items are listed below. On the reverse of this letter, we are pleased to provide this term’s KNS Extracurricular After-School Activities schedule too.
Best wishes,
Mr. Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide
·         Extra-Curricular Activities (open to pupils from 1st – 6th class, see overleaf): If your child is interested in any of the activities, please complete and return the slip to reception by Wednesday 14th February. All activities will start from next week, for 6 weeks (except after school Gaelic football open to 3rd – 6th class, which runs to the summer and which has already started.)
·         Pancake Tuesday Tomorrow 13th February: All pupils will be able to buy a pancake and toppings for €2 during our class pancake parties. Thanks to the KNS Parents Association for helping with this. Money raised will go to the National Children’s Hospital. Ashes will be distributed on Ash Wednesday.
·         In KNS we are selling Shamrock: This year in KNS we are pleased to be selling Paddy McShamrock’s “Living Irish Shamrock”. The “Living Shamrock” will be delivered in little golden vases which can be attached to your coat etc. Each clump of shamrock costs €4 and €2 goes to KNS. Shamrock order cards were issued to all on Friday. It is of course parents’ decision if they want their child to sell the shamrock and for those who do, we ask that the order cards and monies are returned to the school by Friday 2nd March at the absolute latest. Children will bring the shamrock home for distribution once delivered to KNS on March 13th / 14th.
·         KNS Garden and Environmental news: Since Christmas, we have replanted 11 native silver birch trees along the southern perimeter of the yard. We are also now proud to have in the garden area a “Forest in a Box”. This is an initiative of the Swords Woodland Association with whom we are working. The forest-box contains about 20 small acorns, resting and hopefully germinating within a bed of leaf mould – replicating the floor of an ancient Irish oak forest. Also in our KNS garden we have had installed a 3 phase composting system which we’ll get up and going soon. Finally, soon we will also be setting up a school wormery!
·         KNS Class Multicultural themes: Thanks to those parents who are volunteering in our classes this week and next to speak on their national cultural practices (Polish and Lithuanian). One of our pupils has also bravely volunteered to speak in classes about her family’s Belarussian culture. In April we will host a speaker from Pavee Point to talk about the Traveller Community culture too.
·         Code of Behaviour Review: As part of the KNS Code of Behaviour review, parent feedback is now invited. Such feedback must be submitted to the school in writing, marked for the attention of the Board of Management, by Friday March 2nd. Feedback submitted anonymously will not be accepted.
·         Anti Bullying: Our Parents Association will host a speaker in Kilcoskan NS on the theme of anti-bullying - on Monday 19th February 2018 at 7.30pm. All are welcome.
·         Early School Closures this term: School will close at 1.40pm for all pupils on Wednesday March 14th and at 12pm for all on Friday March 16th. These early closures are to facilitate whole-staff training in a number of new Department of Education procedures, including updated Child Protection legislation. These closures are in line with Department of Education policy. Note that school will also close at 12pm on Friday 23rd March for the Easter Holidays. School will reopen for all on Monday April 9th for the first day of term 3. 
                                   Kilcoskan NS Extra Curricular Activities for Term 2: (Click the timetable to enlarge)

Thursday, January 18, 2018

KNS January 2018 Newsletter

                                                                                                         16th January 2018

January 2018 Draft Newsletter
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Happy new year to all (it’s still not too late to say it!) and welcome back everybody to KNS for the new term. Below is our latest news and some notices for the coming weeks.
Mr.Caulfield, Priomhoide

·        KNS Curricular Themes: As you will know, most months in KNS we have a whole school theme which, at whole school level, informs and shapes some of our curricular lessons and assemblies. (Eg. September’s theme was friendship, October’s theme was Harvest and Halloween and December’s theme was Christmas). The themes for January and February are Celebrating diversity in KNS. In February we will work on Anti Bullying and online safety too. The March theme will be Mi na Gaeilge agus Lá Fheile Padraig.  Noting our current theme, if there are any parents who would like to speak to a class group on the topic of their own family / cultural / national heritage, please contact the principal. The school will be sourcing speakers on the themes of multiculturalism and diversity too.
·        KNS Swimming: This school year our 1st – 6th class pupils (mainstream classes) will be going swimming in the new and modern Finglas Sports and Fitness Centre. In previous years our pupils swam once weekly for 6 weeks but as it’s now every second year, so that our pupils have a sufficient engagement with this important curriculum area, our pupils will go for 8 weeks. The cost will be €50 which covers bus transport and your child’s eight 1 hour swimming lesson with trained instructors. This represents very good value for money. As stated, swimming is a primary school curriculum subject area. Therefore, only in very exceptional circumstances may a child be exempt from swimming – eg. with a doctor’s letter / certificate. Lessons start on Thursday February 1st.  Please submit €50 to the school by next Wednesday 24th January in the attached envelope for your child to go swimming – clearly label the envelope too please. We are working on a swimming package for our pupils in our 2 special classes too – which will be issued soon.
·        Parent-Teacher Meetings: On Tuesday and Wednesday February 6th and 7th we will hold our annual parent-teacher meetings (for mainstream pupils, our special class teachers will contact parents individually for tailored arrangements). All parents are being allocated a 10 minute slot to meet with their child’s teacher/s. Your time allocation is attached to this newsletter. Please now confirm in person, by phone or via email (kilcoskansecretary@gmail.com) whether you will or will not be attending. If parents cannot attend at the allocated time it is parents’ responsibility to arrange an alternative time.
·        Sacramental Dates: (all in St.Margaret’s Church): 
o   2nd class Sacrament of First Penance: Tuesday 17th April at 7.30pm
o   2nd Class First Holy Communion: Sunday 20th May at 11am.
o   6th Class Service of Light (preparation for Confirmation): Tuesday 20th February at 7.30pm.
o   6th Class Confirmation: Thursday 8th March 2018 at 11am. Communion, Penance, Service of Light
·        Extra-Curricular Activities: The term 2 schedule of extra-curricular activities will issue by the end of January.
·        Parent Volunteers Requested: On an ongoing basis, we like to keep a list of parents who might be available from time to time to help in our infants – 2nd class groups. In the past for example, we have had parents helping with reading (ongoing) and maths for fun. If you think you might be interested in helping with any such in-class activities (eg. For 25 minutes once a week for about 6 weeks) please email kilcoskansecretary@gmail.com or contact the school in person. All such volunteers are Garda Vetted.
·        Grandparents Day 2018 in KNS: This year we are going to have 2 Grandparents Days in KNS. On Wednesday 31st January all Grandparents of pupils from infants – 2nd class are welcome to call to KNS from 1-1.40pm, to hear a few songs and poems and to have a cup of tea with us all. On Friday 2nd February, Grandparents of pupils from 3rd – 6th class are welcome to call from 2 – 2.40pm for songs, poems and a cup of tea! We will send more specific invitations to this event closer to the date.
·        Credit Union Quiz: Good luck to our 2 teams who will represent KNS in the upcoming Ashbourne Credit Union Quiz – scheduled for Friday 26th January at 7pm in St.Declan’s NS.

·        And finally, from time to time in KNS local businesses drop in flyers etc. advertising after-school children’s activities, Easter / summer camps etc. It is the decision of the KNS Board that in order to support these local initiatives and where they may be of interest to children, they will be sent home with your child. However, the Board accepts no liability for any such non-Kilcoskan NS programs and parents who book onto them do so at their own discretion. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

December 2017 KNS Newsletter - Ho Ho Ho!

             December 2017 KNS Newsletter
                                                                                                                 21st December 2017
Dear Parents / Guardians
As we approach the Christmas holidays and reflect – wow, what a quick term this has been in KNS! We’ve had of course lots of class learning – and sports day, Harvest Fair, coffee mornings, our Haunted House, our Christmas Carols Concerts, 3 new teachers on-board and much more besides!
Thanks to all for supporting KNS this past term. We really value our close, positive and trusting relations with you, our pupils’ parents. Thanks also of course to our KNS Parents Association for all their volunteer support.
Below are just a few short notices to keep you informed in advance of term 2.
Nollaig shona agus athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh go leir!
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide – Ho Ho Ho!

  • ·                Teacher Trish, school Deputy Principal is now on maternity leave until September 2018. Acting Deputy Principal during this time will be Teacher Eoin.
  • ·                Teacher Ana is the new class teacher in our junior special class.
  • ·                 We are delighted to welcome Terri back to reception. Terri and Susan will continue to work “front of house” as secretaries into the new year.
  • ·                 Well done to our school choir who sang 2 weeks ago in Charlestown Shopping Centre Finglas. We were delighted this morning to give a cheque for €300 raised by our choir to Temple Street St.Michael’s B Ward – the Temple street ward for sick babies.
  • ·                 Well done also to our 5th & 6th class pupils who sang for the residents of Newpark Care Centre last week. 5th & 6th class will be starting a project with the Newpark residents in the new year.
  • ·                 And finally on the singing front…a huge well done to all our pupils for singing so well in our recent Christmas Carols Concerts. Thanks to all parents, grandparents and well wishers etc. who came along and bought raffle tickets etc. All funds raised will go towards supporting your child’s education in Kilcoskan NS.
  • ·                 Mr.Laurence Skelly is the new Chairperson of the KNS Parents Association. Congratulations to Laurence on his election to this important role and best wishes.
  • ·                 Finally, tomorrow Friday 22nd December 2017 is the last day of term. School closes for all at 12pm and will reopen on Monday 8th January 2018 at 9am for a full school day for all.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

KNS Christmas Carols Video

                                                                                           12th December 2017
Dear Parents,
This Friday, we will be doing a full dress-rehearsal for our upcoming Christmas Carols Concert. We ask that if our pupils have a Christmas Santa hat / reindeer antlers / Christmas jumper etc. that they wear it into school on Friday with the rest of their uniform / school tracksuit.
Also on Friday, a generous member of our Parents Association has volunteered to make a video of the rehearsal concert which we will then be able to sell to parents as a seasonal memento. The cost of this digital video will be just €12. The video will be provided on an 8 gigabyte memory stick which alone would cost close to €12 in most shops. So of course, if you wish you can transfer the video file off it and reuse the memory stick.
If you would like to purchase the digital video, so that we know approximately how many digital video copies of the concert to make for parents, please complete the slip below and return it to school by this Thursday 14th December at 9am with the appropriate fee. We will then be able to make you a copy which will be issued to you early next week. We’ll take orders on a first come first served basis as we only have a limited amount of memory sticks.
Finally, if for any reason you don’t want your child to feature with their class in the Christmas carols video please inform reception before Thursday 14th December at 9am by emailing kilcoskansecretary@gmail.com and we will withdraw your child from their scheduled dress rehearsal this Friday morning.
Best wishes,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Principal
------------Detach and return to Kilcoskan NS by Thursday 14th December at 9am-----------
I would like to order____________________ copies of the KNS Christmas Carols Concert 2017 digital video. I enclose _____________ Euros to cover the cost.

Signed:______________________________ Child’s name:______________________ Date:__________

Friday, November 24, 2017

KNS Christmas Carols Concert - Ticket Reservations

Re: KNS Christmas Concert Tickets
                                                                                      24th November 2017
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are pleased to confirm the dates for our KNS Christmas Carols Concert .The show will be on 19th&20th December 2017 as communicated in last week’s text and will start at approximately 12.40 pm on both days in our Green Room. This year there will be no evening show scheduled. The evening shows are biennial events and they generally coincide with bigger productions such as Christmas plays.
Tickets are limited and initially we will be offering two tickets to each family and any remaining tickets will be offered on a first come first served basis in the next week or two or when and if they become available . Parents will be kept informed. We would ask that parents/family members of Junior Infants – 2nd class students would attend Tuesday afternoon’s show and that parents/family members of pupils in 3rd – 6th class would attend Wednesdays show if possible.  We understand that this may not be possible for all parents and we will try to facilitate families as much we can.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Best wishes,
Kilcoskan National School
---------To be returned to Kilcoskan NS by Wednesday 29th November 2017--------
I would like to reserve 2 tickets for the Kilcoskan NS Christmas Carols Concert on Tuesday 19th December 12.40 pm -2pm /  Wednesday 20th December 12.40 pm- 2pm (circle the day please).

Child’s Name:____________________ Signed:___________________ 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kilcoskan NS November 2017 Newsletter


                                         Kilcoskan NS November 2017 Newsletter
                                                                                                         9th November 2017    

Dear Parents,
We hope everybody is well rested after the recent midterm break. Below are some news items to note this month here in Kilcoskan NS.
Best wishes,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide
·      October’s Harvest Fair: Thanks to all for supporting this recent annual school event which was a great success again – and thanks especially to those parents who baked / provided fruit and vegetables on the day. It was great also to have a past-pupil parent who now works in farming to present to our pupils on the day too!
·      Parents Association Annual General Meeting: Scheduled for Wednesday 22nd November 2017 at 8pm in the school.
·      Christmas Cards: Tomorrow, Friday 10th November is the last date to order school Christmas cards designed by your child.
·      KNS beanie hats, caps, mugs and pens: Available for purchase from Monday 13th November as stocking fillers – or just as very cool gifts for friends and family. Samples can be seen and purchases made at reception.
·      Parking: Road safety and parking around the school have improved greatly in recent years. Thanks to all for this. However, a small number of parents still unfortunately park on the Keep Clear and no parking yellow zigzag lines. Please do not park on the zigzag lines or the Keep Clear zones. This is a matter of law and is obviously a safety issue. 
·      KNS on RTE TV: Over the midterm break, we were delighted to appear on the Today Show on RTE 1 TV. The clip which is still available on the RTE Player shows some of our infant pupils visiting Newpark Care Home back in September, during Positive Ageing Week. Thanks to Newpark for inviting us down for what was a lovely visit.
·      Christmas carols: This coming Monday 13th November we will announce the date for this year’s KNS Christmas Carols Concert.
·      After school activities: The Term 1 program is now up and running. Thanks to all staff for giving of their time voluntarily to run this program.
·      Feet First Friday: We’ll walk to school on Friday mornings from the Coolquay Lodge for the next 3 Fridays, up to 24th November, weather permitting. We depart the Lodge at 8.45am each Friday.
·      6th Class Confirmation Date: St.Canice’s Parish have informed us that Confirmation will be on Thursday 8th March 2018 in St.Margaret’s Church.
·      Shoebox appeal: We are extending the closing date for the annual  Team Hope Shoebox Appeal to Tuesday next, 14th November. As per the flyer, if you wish to be involved just pack a boys or girls shoebox with appropriate gifts for less fortunate children in other countries.
·     Class Resources system feedback and KNS Code information – please see the reverse of this newsletter for important information on these newly developing school systems.

Guidance Statement for Parents and Pupils on the KNS Code:
In primary school, pupils develop knowledge and skills to help them think. In Kilcoskan NS pupils don’t solely learn to think about Irish, English and Maths etc. Here, pupils are helped to develop values, knowledge and thinking skills with which to understand and in time reflect upon and control their thoughts, reactions and behaviours. Educational research shows that developing such self-awareness and thinking skills can help pupils to grow and flourish together. In talking with pupils about such matters daily, KNS staff use the language of the “KNS Code” which is:

·         Be kind to yourself and others.
·         Always do your best.
·         Think and make smart choices.

So, in addition to ongoing assessment of pupil class and homework, each day our pupils receive meaningful feedback to help them reflect upon their developing self-awareness and positive behaviours. Again, we use the language of the Code for such communications. To help our pupils self-reflect in this regard, teachers currently describe pupil behaviours as Excellent, Good or Needs Improvement. Having listened to parent and Parents Association feedback, to clarify the message, from next week we will add a sticker to journals explaining the KNS Code for all and we will enhance the stamp system by stamping “KNS Code – Excellent / Good / Needs Improvement”. The KNS Code system can be differentiated for pupils with additional needs and it has been devised in consultation with our National Educational Psychological Service Department of Education school psychologist. The KNS Code is part of the school’s recently revised Code of Behaviour, which can be read in full at www.kilcoskanbloggers.blogspot.ie

A Message re. the School’s Books and Resources Rental / Purchase etc. Scheme
We hope you will agree, having completed the first half of term 1, that the new books and resources / rental scheme has started very well and was an improvement on previous years. As we start the second half of the term, we now ask the parents of all children who chose Option 2 (ie. those who chose to purchase some of their children’s educational resources over the summer) to now send all of these resources into school. (Eg. glues / folders etc.)  Please label these before they are sent in. We will then keep them safely here, in individual bags, for when your child needs them. 

Along with the above request, may we also take this opportunity to ask you, the parents, for any meaningful feedback which could help us to refine and improve the rental / class resources system still further for this and future years. We ask you to email such feedback to kilcoskansecretary@gmail.com by next Friday 17th November - Thanks.

Please turn over to read the November 2017 school newsletter.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Kilcoskan NS to Close on Tuesday 17th October 2017

The Department of Education has instructed all schools to remain closed again tomorrow Tuesday 17th October 2017. Therefore Kilcoskan NS will be closed again tomorrow.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Kilcoskan NS will be Closed on Monday 16th October 2017 due to Weather Warning

Dear Parents, as per the Department of Education's instruction, Kilcoskan NS will remain closed tomorrow Monday 16th October 2017 due to the imminent Storm Opehlia. Here is a link to the Deparment's statement: https://www.education.ie/en/Press-Events/Press-Releases/2017-Press-Releases/PR2017-10-15b.html

Monday, October 9, 2017

Kilcoskan NS Harvest Fair 2017 Plans & Arrangements

                                                                                                              9th October 2017
Dear Parents,
In preparation for Harvest Fair this Friday, please note the following:
·        The KNS Harvest Show 2017 starts at 1pm on this Friday 13th October 2017 – all parents, grandparents etc. are welcome to attend. Each class group will perform a song / dance drama / piece or two and we’ll finish with our harvest sing-song. Our infants will go home at the usual time of 1.40pm. and school closes for all others at 2.40pm as normal.
·        Dress up – all pupils are asked to dress up on the Harvest / Autumn theme for this Friday (scarecrows / farmers etc.)
·        Making Scarecrows – if parents have old children’s clothes that they could donate tomorrow / Wednesday morning at the latest – solely check shirts and jeans / overalls / straw hats etc.  - that would be great to help us make scarecrows for Friday.
·        Conker Competition: As is tradition now in KNS, on Friday we hold our whole school Conker Competition during the morning too. Last year’s trophy winners and runners up are asked to return their trophies by tomorrow Tuesday at the latest, if not already done. We have lots of conkers in school already and thanks to all who have collected and donated so far. Please insure your child has at least 1 strung conker ready for the competition for this Friday.
·        Jams, breads, cakes, locally grown fruit and veg etc. – parents are asked to drop in any of these that we can sell at our fair by Thursday home time / this Friday morning.
·        If parents have any large plastic animals / milk churns / other harvesty or safe props that will help our school yard / garden area take on the look of a farm for Friday, please think about lending these to us on Thursday evening. They will be returned to you by Monday next.
Thanks and happy harvesting y’all!

Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide

Friday, October 6, 2017

Kilcoskan NS October 2017 Newsletter

Kilcoskan NS October 2017 Newsletter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            5th October 2017
Dear Parents,
Below are the list of news items for the coming month up to the October midterm break in Kilcoskan NS.
Kind regards,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Priomhoide

·         Well done to a group of our Junior and Senior Infant pupils who recently visited the Newpark Care Centre. The pupils met the residents, read some stories, sang some songs and got to meet lots of nice fluffy animals from Wooly Wards Farm!
·         Harvest Fair 2017: As stated in our September newsletter too, the KNS Harvest Fair will be held on Friday 13th October. We’ll have our Harvest Fair show again this year from 1pm and parents are very welcome from then to come and see the show. We’ll have a tea and coffee stall and a raffle too! As in previous years, pupils are asked to dress on the harvest / Autumn theme for the day – eg. as farmers etc. Parents are asked to drop in any home produced jams / cakes etc. for sale at the fair by Thursday at hometime / next Friday morning.
·         Reminder about October early closure for staff meeting: School will close at 1.40pm on Wednesday 18th October for all pupils, to facilitate a staff meeting. This is in-line with Department of Education procedures.
·         School closure 1 day early for midterm break: The Department of Education requires all teachers to attend further training in the New Primary Language Curriculum this school year. We have been informed that this is on Friday 27th October for Kilcoskan NS and therefore our school will be closed to pupils on this date. This means that our Halloween spooky dress up day will move to Thrusday 26th October – which also therefore will be the last school day before midterm break. School will remain closed for midterm until Monday 6th November.
·         Parent Coffee mornings: Our 3 remaining Thursday coffee mornings, organised to give parents an opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers, are scheduled from 9-9.30am as follows: 3rd & 4th Class: Thursday 12th October, 5th & 6th Class: Thursday 19th October, Special Classes: Thursday 26th October.
·         Whole School Theme for October: After 2 very successful whole school assemblies last month on the theme of friendship, this month’s 2 themes are of course Harvest and Halloween.
·         September Sports Day a great success: Well done to all our pupils who participated in last week’s very successful KNS September Sports Day in St.Margaret’s GAA Complex. Thanks also to you the parents for organising pupil collection from the club.
·         KNS Christmas Cards: Our Parents Association is currently organising the KNS Pupil Christmas Cards. Each child will design an individual card, samples of which will be provided to parents in November. Following this, parents may choose if they wish to order the cards.
·         Feet First Friday: We walk to school every Friday, leaving the Coolquay Lodge at 8.45am.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kilcoskan NS September Sports & Activities Day

Re: Reminder about upcomding Kilcoskan NS Sports & Activities Day in St.Margaret’s GAA Grounds this Friday 29th September 2017
                                                                                                            27th September 2017
Dear Parents,
As previously notified to you, this is a reminder of our upcoming KNS Sports Day scheduled for this Friday 29th September. Please note the following:
·        Weather permitting, a bus will bring all our pupils to St.Margaret’s GAA Complex at 10am. If the weather is bad the event will be cancelled and pupils will stay in school for a normal day.
·        Assuming the event goes ahead, pupils will need to wear school tracksuits (as per every Friday), to bring their lunch as normal and we suggest an extra drink. If pupils wish and if they have them, they may bring football boots to change into for extra grip. If it’s very sunny, we suggest sun cream and a cap.
·        The infant events will have finished by 1.40pm and all other class events will finish by 2.40pm. Parents are therefore asked to collect their child at the usual times but to collect them from St.Margaret’s GAA Comlex and not school. We do not have transport provided to return pupils to school.  To help parents to find St.Margaret’s GAA Complex, there is a map on the reverse of this letter.
·        The school is covering the cost of the transport but we ask for a donation of €1 per child towards the cost of the bus hire.
·        Please sign below to confirm that you give consent for your child to go to Sports Day in St.Margaret’s GAA Complex and that you have arrangements in place for their collection from the St.Margaret’s GAA Complex at the usual home time.
Best wishes,
Mr.Ciarán Caulfield, Principal

---------------------Detach and return to Kilcoskan NS by Thursday 28th September 2017---------------
I give consent for my child to go to St.Margaret’s GAA Complex with the school for the KNS Septetmber Sports Day and I have arrangements made to collect my child from St.Margaret’s GAA Complex at the usual times.

Child’s Name:_______________________